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Positive Training for 1st Command Obedience

The best time to train your dog is right now.

Does the following scenario remind you of that famous Far Side Cartoon?

“Buddy, sit.  Hey, sit.  SIT. SIT!! You heard me, sit. SIT SIT SIT!  You know how to do this, darn it anyway.  Sit, … blah, blah, blah…”

The problem here: the person is frustrated and annoyed.  The dog is bored and indifferent or distracted.  The situation becomes a whole lot worse when the dog ignores the “Come” command. Not coming when called has cost innumerable dogs their very lives.

Ask for help.  Don’t put it off.
Puppies can start before 3 months, subject to your veterinarian’s approval.

Preventing problems is easier than curing them.
No dog is too old to learn.
Teach your dog to be calm and polite,
no matter how long the undesirable behavior has existed.

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