Patricia Martinez (Eli)

I have been through Ellie Bell’s Dog Training School twice, the 1st time with my daughter as she took her dog ‘Mya’ and now I am in the school with my own dog ‘Eli’. When I started with Eli, he was very timid and scared of his own shadow, his character was very shy and he didn’t like to socialize with people or other dogs. We are now in the 7th week of his training and he has come to love people and other dogs. His social skills are improving everyday. Although he will always prefer to be a one-owner dog, I have seen him come out of his shell by socializing and trusting people. He is leash trained,  comes when called, walks politely by my side without pulling and is becoming a joy to hang out with. Where we are heading now, due to the school and Ellie’s guidance, is having a happy friendly dog that is responsive to my commands. Thank You Ellie Bell!

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