Linda Zimet (Saba)

Ellie is the greatest! We have two labs who have personalities as different as night and day. We began going to Ellie when our male lab was very young. He arrived at our house at 6 weeks old, with some biting and scratching that I knew had to be corrected immediately. It was amazing how quickly her methods got rid of those habits. We continued sessions with Ellie. Our goal wasn’t to have show dogs, but simply to have courteous pets. Because of our variable schedules, we chose to have private sessions with Ellie. I had come from a background filled with dogs. My husband had limited time with dogs. I think that the most helpful tool for us from the beginning was how Ellie was able to point out body movements and sounds that we were doing and not doing, and the dog’s behavior that followed as a result of our correct or incorrect behaviors. This was just as much about training us as it was the dog.   A year later, we got a female lab. She was about three months when we brought her home. We immediately signed her up with Ellie to go through the basics and found that we also needed some brushing up on our skills. Our female was extremely friendly with people, but very shy with other dogs. After completing the basic training sessions, we thought that socialization and age would make her insecurities disappear. But a couple years later, I found myself calling Ellie for help when this dog would get aggressive when a strange dog got in her space, (but at the same time was so sweet to people and familiar dogs). A few minutes with Ellie and a diagnosis of defensive aggression was made. Ellie taught me reasons for her behavior as well as tools to use to help the dog learn to deal with her fears of other dogs.    Whenever I get new dogs, I will always start them out with Ellie. She has the experience and knowledge to maximize the relationship between dogs and their owners.

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