Connie Schnackenberg (Jessie, Devon, Jamie, ….)

I first started taking my dogs to Ellie Bell in 2000. As a breeder of Shetland Sheepdogs (Toddhills Shetland Sheepdogs), I have taken numerous dogs to Ellie’s training classes, both for the benefits of obedience training and for the socialization they receive with new people and new dogs. Ellie teaches much more than basic obedience.  She is also able to help solve behavior issues of various types.  Ellie has helped me prepare my Shelties for the conformation show ring, where strange people, strange dogs and strange noises are a normal occurrence. A couple of years ago, a judge at a dog show scared the daylights out of one of my pups, causing him to start shying away from anyone reaching for his head, which is a major “no no” in the show ring.  Ellie thought the problem through, suggested ideas on how to overcome the problem, and today the dog is an old pro in the show ring.  Without her help and understanding of the dog psyche, I might not have been able to help my dog overcome the problem. I continue to take my up and coming show prospects to Ellie for training and socialization, and I encourage the people who buy my puppies to attend her classes as well.

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