Janet Beumer

About 6 years ago I was fostering a dog “Frieden” for the Humane Society. He was quite honestly the least adoptable animal in the whole facility as he had become quite aggressive due to previous abuse. I noticed that he had a good nose on him and brought him to Ellie to evaluate his ability and trainability to sniff for a substance. My hope was to use him in my work to sniff out Mold.

I adopted him within an hour of Ellie’s evaluation and the training began. During this training time he bonded with me and became the sweetest dog. Though I had figured on 6-8 months of training as he was such a basket case, it went quite fast and in 3 months Ellie took an abused basket case of a dog to a highly skilled substance sniffing dog. After the initial training we were required to be certified through a governing body of substance scent dogs. So Frieden and I were off to Missouri to be certified. He passed his certification tests on the first try and when I told them Friedens story they were all quite shocked and could not believe how quickly his training was and how well he responded.

Now Frieden is #36 of 40 mold sniffing dogs in the USA and a loved trustable family member.

Thank you Ellie!!

Janet Beumer

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