Ask for help.  Don’t put it off.
Puppies can start before 3 months, subject to your veterinarian’s approval.

Preventing problems is easier than curing them.
No dog is too old to learn.
Teach your dog to be calm and polite,
no matter how long the undesirable behavior has existed.

Come Sit Down Stay

Walk politely on leash.  ~  Greet people without jumping.

Leave it DropBark Control

Be calm when I need you to be calm.

All dogs can do these things.   Your dog can!

Lessons & Classes for Individuals, Families, Kids,Seniors
Obedience & Agility
Assistance & Therapy Dog Training
Clicker Training
Behavioral Conditioning for Aggression and Shyness

Private Lessons & Fun Group Classes
These are dovetailed so students benefit from both. Emphasis on individual attention. Positive reinforcement methods

Puppy Playschool
Socialization get togethers; do this as soon as possible !

Correction of Behavior Problems
Anti-growl classes for aggressive dogs
Behavior modification, specializing in aggression & shyness

New: Training While You Wait
Drop your buddy off; go run your errands, pick him/her back up. I’ll do the work!

Pre-Purchase / Adoption Evaluations
Ask about free lessons for adopted shelter and Humane Society dogs, last 6 months

Initial Consultation, No Charge

Indoor & Outdoor Lessons

Certified CGC Examiner for AKC

Member, Association of Pet Dog Trainers

Member,International Association of Canine Practitioners

Trekkers Walking Club

Grouchy Growlers Class
for dogs that don’t like other dogs
You don’t have to live with an aggressive dog.  Your dog’s behavior can be changed.