Ellie has been teaching dogs and their people in private and group classes since 1992.  She has been professionally certified since 2004, is currently fulfilling requirements for national certification, and is an A.K.C.(American Kennel Club) C.G.C. Evaluator (Canine Good Citizen). She is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, a national professional group, and has been accepted into the International Association of Canine Practioners, a professsional  group with stringent entry requirements (not a “pay dues-you’re in” group).

Her background includes A.K.C. obedience, agility, some schutzhund, and many hours working with certified animal behaviorists on treatment of behavior problems, especially aggression, shyness, and bark control. She has helped numerous physically challenged  folks train their dogs to assist them, and many of her students have become therapy teams, visiting hospitals, nursing homes, etc.

Along with Adele Zimmerman, Ellie leads a team of volunteers at the Flathead County Animal Shelter, striving to make shelter dogs more adoptable. By the way, at times we  seek new team members. If you might be interested, call for info.

The focus here is on optimizing the client’s relationship with his/her dog: getting the relationship off to the right start, or improving it with small, simple changes.

You do not have to live with an out of control or troublesome dog. Dogs are easier to change than people are!

Questions?       Call 755-4818, and let’s talk!